Continental Public Adjusters
Did you know that we are the insurance industry's best-kept secret?

A Public adjuster is known in the business as private adjuster or a loss consultant and represents the interests of the Insured; unlike the insurance adjuster who works for and represents the interests of the insurance company. Our sole responsibility is to advocate for the policyholder and our mission and goal for our Clients is to achieve the best claim settlement possible.

A big advantage when hiring Continental Public Adjusters is that we have worked for 15 years on the side of the Insurance Company & 16 years as Public Adjusters. We know the In’s and Out’s of the business and have used it to our advantage in successfully settling thousands of residential and commercial property claims.

Typically, Continental Public Adjuster’s settlements are much higher than the Carrier’s initial offer. Consequently, most of our business is through referrals from satisfied customers.

If your claim has been denied, delayed or underpaid, it’s not too late to Re-open and reassess your damages. Call us for a no-cost Consultation & evaluation of your claim.

Residential Claims • Duplexes & Rental Properties • Condominiums • Hotels/Motels • Restaurants • Marinas • Day Cares • Dance Studios • Strip Malls • Warehouses

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