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“You and your team are providing us with the strength to keep moving forward with this difficult endeavor. The aftermath of the hurricane and the entire insurance experience is truly unchartered waters for most of us. Since your voice has arrived on the radio waves, there is hope for smoother sailing ahead. We can feel the tide slowly turn in the proper direction… thank you. Danielle and I attended the lawyer’s seminar yesterday at the Shrimp Boat only to empower ourselves with helpful information… I was wrong. And thank you again for your speedy response, we really appreciate it in our time of need!”

Stephanie Starr
Commercial Claim, Panama City Beach, FL

Commercial properties of all types are susceptible to fire and smoke damage. Loss due to fire also includes damages caused by smoke, soot, heat, and the water used to extinguish the fire. All of these damages can combine to make a business unable to remain open.

When a commercial property is affected by fire and smoke damage, unknown details can allow insurance companies to be very slow in making reparations to the policyholder. With proper guidance from a licensed public adjuster, a business can receive fair treatment and a fair settlement to ensure that the doors re-open in a timely manner.

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