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Doing business in Madison County since 1996.

Who Are We?

Public Adjuster Greenville, Madison CountyContinental Public Adjusters are Public Insurance Adjusters in Madison County. We are an independent Adjusting Company. Our team of dedicated professionals provides help with the tedious affair of settling claims that arise due to fire, wind, or plumbing incidents. Our operations cover commercial and industrial businesses as well as property homeowners.

Continental Public Adjusters are a reputed Insurance Claim Adjuster in Madison County. We work solely on behalf of our client, who is the policyholder. So you can rest assured that you are getting the best and focused representation in your difficult time.

Businesses We Handle

As a Public Adjuster in Madison County, we have a wide and varied client base. We take care of claim settlements for:

1. Residential homes big, small, and celebrity.
2. Industrial establishments.
3. Condo buildings and apartment complexes.
4. Commercial properties.
5. Hotels and restaurants.
6. Shopping centers.

Smoothening You Way

No two claims are the same. Each is unique and needs careful handling. When you join hands with us, we take the onus of smoothening the entire claim settlement process. In brief, this is how we help and assist you:

1. Damage Assessment – We evaluate the loss and document it, leaving no room for mistakes and omissions. On your own, you may not know what to include and what to leave. With our aid, you don’t have to fret over these little but important details.

2. Claim Filing – Our adjuster will file the claim on your behalf. You need not worry about filling lengthy and confusing forms or collecting and providing supporting documentation. All that is now our headache. We file your claim timely and accurately.

3. Providing Repair Quotes – We collect quotes from established contractors to give the insurance company a clear idea of the expense that you will have to incur in repairs. This way, everything is clearly and adequately stated. As we said, we work in your best interest.

4. Setting Up And Attending Meetings – Sometimes, the claim settlement procedure can become long drawn out due to the unavailability of one party or the other. We cut to the chase by setting up all the appointments and attending all the meetings with you. Now there is no need for you to run pillar to post trying to meet all. We bring all the parties involved together.

5. Getting The Highest Reimbursement – The loss you incurred is not your fault, and you deserve full compensation for it when you are paying your insurance installments regularly. Skillful negotiations are the key to getting the maximum amount as claim settlement. We pride ourselves in fighting a fair, tooth and nail battle with the insurance company so that you are nowhere near the losing end. 

Why Use Public Insurance Adjusters In Madison County?

Public Adjuster Greenville, Madison CountyNobody is forcing you to use an Insurance Claim Adjuster in Madison County. Nonetheless, we firmly believe that engaging one gives you a fair chance to get the maximum possible compensation in the quickest possible time. 

There is yet another reason you need a Public Adjuster in Madison County while initiating claim settlement proceedings. The reason being, you will be facing insurance professionals who are already aware of the loopholes in the policy and how to get you confused and believing that you deserve less. With the help of an established and reputed Public Insurance Adjusters like Continental Public Adjusters, you will never fall prey to the insurance company’s cunning tactics. We understand the insurance industry and how it works. Needless to say, we can take care of all things that are thrown your way and still ensure the best payout to you.

Clarifying Myths

Fighting a battle alone against experts is a daunting task. Nevertheless, you can improve your chances of receiving a better settlement if you engage the services of a Public Adjuster. Sadly, many people are not aware of this option. Sometimes rampant misinformation makes them turn away from the thought of involving a professional for help. We take this opportunity to clarify two things:

1. Our Allegiance Is Towards The Policy Holder – We serve the policyholder and nobody else. Once you engage us for assistance, we work in your best interests. Our whole and sole work is to get you a swift yet suitable claim settlement. There are many policyholders who buy a policy and are still unaware of its peculiarities. It is in these twisted rules and regulations that the insurance company tries to snag you. Yet with us to provide the guidance, you can never go wrong. 

2. We Don’t Ask For Payment Until You Are Paid – Our fee is a fixed percentage of the actual claim settlement. This percentage is decided in the starting itself. The more significant the settlement amount we can wrangle for you, the higher our payout is. So we make money only when you do. There are no upfront costs or fees. Essentially speaking, we don’t get paid a dime until you are. 

Now that you know Public Adjusters are your friends when the times are tough, it is the right time to give us a chance to prove our worth.

Continental Public Adjusters – Making Claim Settlement Easy

Our job is to ensure that you get paid timely and adequately by the insurance company for the damage wrecked upon your property. We try to make the stressful situation as easy as possible. Here are the ways in which we make your life pressure-free and straightforward:

1. Prepare the proof of loss.
2. Liaison with the insurance company and complete all formalities.
3. Ensure that you get paid sufficiently to restore your property to its former state.

Isn’t that what you needed from the very beginning? Someone to fight on your behalf and ensure that you did not get cheated. Well, that’s precisely what we do. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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