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Broward County Public AdjusterContinental Public Adjusters are premier Public Insurance Adjusters in Broward County. We provide help to our clients in settling claims of damage to their property. Our expertise lies in closing fire, wind, and plumbing claims with high payouts. If you own a property that has suffered damage due to any of the reasons mentioned above, do reach out to us. We can help you settle the claim without compromising on the settlement you deserve.

Need For Property Claim Public Adjuster Broward County

The county of Broward County is a lovely place to live and own property. Nevertheless, maintaining the property is no easy task. To prepare for unwarranted expenses in its maintenance, one tends to purchase insurance. No place is safe from inclement conditions. Broward County is no different. Now that you have insurance, it is natural to assume that the policy will pay you substantially to carry out repairs when the need arises. Seldom does one realize what an uphill and tedious task that is.

Think of your insurance company as a business. They work for their own game and keep you thinking that they will do all they can to help you financially when disaster strikes. But that is far from true. Since they are a business, they want to limit the cash outflow. What better way to do that than pay to the policyholder as little as possible as claim reimbursement. To prevent falling prey to their cunning dealings, it is always best to engage the services of a trustworthy Property Claim Public Adjuster in Broward County.

How Claim Settlement Works

The entire process of claim settlement can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. It mostly depends on how accurately you file the claim and the insurance company’s delaying tactics. 

When your property suffers damage, you have to fill several forms as prescribed by the insurance company. These forms have to be supported by the “Proof of Loss” together with a “Damage Assessment Report” and a “Quote” for repairs. The representative of the insurance company then meets with the policyholder to negotiate the reimbursement amount. Once the amount is fixed, the settlement check is issued to the policyholder.

What To Expect?

Above is the description of ideally how the claim settlement works. In truth, you need to be prepared for confusing forms, incomplete reports, lack of proper documentation, scarcity of appointments, and so on. In short, you run back and forth and pillar to post, thinking that your inexperience and lack of expertise are the cause of errors and omissions. But that is precisely what the insurance company wants you to believe. They want to frustrate you so much that any compensation that you receive from them seems a godsend.

To make claim settlement easy and move along seamlessly, we advocate hiring an experienced Insurance Claim Adjuster in Broward County. 

Public Insurance Adjuster Broward County – Working For You And With You

Broward County Public AdjusterAt Continental Public Adjusters, we work solely for the client. Our focus is on getting you the maximum reimbursement. Our Property Claim Public Adjuster in Broward County, knows fully that it is not easy to restore the damaged property. The actual expense incurred is quite substantial. Our aim is to ensure that the payout you receive is enough to cover the repairs and then some. Therefore, when you employ our services, we assure you that we will always keep your best interests in mind. We will not discriminate against your claim based on its dollar value. Whether big or small, your claim is important to you, and so it is to us as well.

No Upfront Cost Or Fee Involved

We do not ask for any upfront payment. Once the claim is settled, only then do we charge the fee. Then too, the fee is a fixed percentage which is determined at the beginning of the contract. At no point are you going in blindly, only to be fleeced of the claim amount. We lay all cards on the table so that you can make an informed decision. From our side, we make things as clear as possible to our clients. In case of any doubts, you can further question us until fully satisfied before engaging our services.

Why Rely On Continental Public Adjusters?

Continental Public Adjusters are invariably your best option if you reside in Broward County or own a property here. We are a renowned company that is well known for its exceptional claim settlement services. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our staff is highly professional and well experienced in solving the issues related to the settlement of claims. We work with you to get you a swift and improved claim reimbursement. 

Continental Public Adjusters have an extensive network of connections. It consists of people like contractors, real estate professionals, attorneys, etc., whom we may contact for help to ensure that clients always get the best service possible. We make sure that the insurance company pays you the full amount that is due. Continental Public Adjusters are your best choice when you want to hire a Property Claim Public Adjuster in Broward County.

Get A Free Estimate

We know there is no lack of options when it comes to hiring a Public Adjuster. But are they all the same? Most definitely not. Some charge high, some lack professionalism, and some are not sufficiently rich experience-wise. To prove our worth, allow us to present to you a FREE in-home estimate. Book our services only if you are satisfied with our dealings and services. We don’t promise you the sky but take you close enough. Our integrity, professionalism, and ethics are bound to compel you to join forces with us.

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