A Public Insurance Adjuster is a licensed and bonded insurance professional who assists policyholders with the complicated insurance claim process when they suffer an insured loss. Public Insurance Adjusters who belong to the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and are able to take advantage of the best quality, public adjuster specific, continuing education in the country. Additionally, FAPIA members have a network of resources available to best assist policyholders in the handling of insurance claims.

The average policyholder has very little knowledge regarding policy conditions, timely forms to file or proper claims handling. Insurance claims are our life’s work; our knowledge and expertise can make a big difference in the amount of your final settlement.

According to The Florida Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability, aka OPPAGA, Public Adjuster representation typically results in larger payments to policyholders.

No, there are no out of pocket expenses for you to pay. We simply receive a small percentage of the claim after the funds are disbursed by your insurance company.

There are only three people “LEGALLY” allowed to adjust a claim on behalf of the policy holder:




“If your are acting as a Public Adjuster in any manner by negotiating or effecting the settlement of an insurance claim on behalf of an insured and you are preforming any of these services for money, commission or anything of value without being licensed as a Public Adjuster, you could be subject to arrest and may be charged with a third-degree felony as provided by section 626.8738.FS”

You may still collect without our assistance. The question is how much of your damage will be overlooked? We take the time needed to completely uncover all of your damages and locate hidden problems and future issues. The more accurately your claim is documented, the higher the settlement will be. Maximum recovery and indemnity of the policyholder’s property loss is our goal. All avenues and means will be exhausted in making sure that the property owner gets a fair settlement that will return them to “Pre-Loss” conditions.

An insurance company adjuster is a direct contracted employee of the insurance company whose allegiance is directly to the insurance company that employs them. A public adjuster works exclusively for you, the policyholder.

WE WILL ADVOCATE FOR YOU the policyholder. Our sole responsibility and goal, unlike that of an insurance company is to make sure you receive a maximum recovery on your property loss.

WE WILL REVIEW YOUR POLICY which is critical in the early stages. A comprehensive investigation of cause and origin of a loss is performed in order to understand the variables of each specific type of loss. Together with our experts and consultants, we begin to identify, reach, examine, estimate, adjust and appraise the overall value of your property loss.

WE WILL ESTIMATE YOUR DAMAGES using the latest cost estimating software to prepare reports, proposals, estimates, photographs, inventories and any supporting documentation necessary to provide to your carrier.

WE WILL ADJUST YOUR CLAIM and negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company adjuster that meets your approval and with your best interests in mind.

WE WILL MAXIMIZE YOUR SETTLEMENT. Having worked on both sides of the fence and successfully settling thousands of claims, we can foresee issues and obstacles that will arise as the claim process evolves.

If you have a new claim, or worse yet a denied, delayed or underpaid claim, you will need an experienced public adjuster. Start with a free consultation with one of our team members to learn about your options. This consultation is an entirely free review of your claim.

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